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The benefits of Pilates Training for Breast Cancer Survivors ( as seen on RTE)

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Pilates is designed to create symmetry in your body. Which reduces the strain of repetitive strain in our bodies. Such as sitting  as a desk all day and feeling strain across the back of shoulders or in the low back.

The exercises are preformed on both a mat and specialised machines. Pilates key focus is to increase your core strength to make the body stronge from the inside out. Developing your core enhances your ability to maintain stability and mobility for simple everyday tasks as well as sporting activities.

Additional principles of Pilates include breathing ,stretching & focusing the mind at the task at hand.

So why not book a class today. Enjoy the bliss of slowing down, elongating your muscles with just a few simple exercises! It can help recharge your body and create optimal performance throughout your working day.



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