Pilates & Yoga are designed to create symmetry in your body. Which reduces the strain that causes aches and pains. One of my unique qualities is blending my rehab knowledge from my Neuromuscular therapy background with my PIlates knowledge. This has lead me into the area of pain management and rehabilitation.

If you have a restriction or disability it is important for you to have those needs met in order to get to your full potential . It’s easy to find studios for the fit and healthy but these can be a challenge if you have a restriction . We can catered for any restrictions you have.

Book your free consult today , we will spend 15mins on the phone discussing your needs. Then we will suggest appropriate classes for you. Your are under no obligation to sign up after your call.

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The benefits of Pilates Training for Breast Cancer Survivors ( as seen on RTE)

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What to expect ,

Pilates exercises are performed on both a mat and specialised machines. Pilates key focus is to increase your core strength to make the body stronge from the inside out. Developing your core enhances your ability to maintain stability and mobility for simple everyday tasks as well as sporting activities.

All yoga classes are performed on a yoga mat. The principles of Pilates & Yoga include breathing ,stretching & focusing the mind at the task at hand. Yoga has an added benefit of teaching your nervous how to tone down, reducing stress and Anixety levels .


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