2017 Timetable & Bookings PILATES CLASSES


6.15-7.00pm              Studio Pilates (group equipment class)
7.00-7.45pm             Studio PIlates  (group equipment class)

7.45pm -830pm       Studio Pilates (group equipment class)

09:45-10:30am         Studio Pilates (group equipment class)
10.30-11.15am           Stability Chair group class  (drop in )
11;15-12;00pm.         Stability Chair class

12:00 – 12:45am       Private session   (Full)
12:45 – 1:30                private session  (Full)


930-1030am.            Yogalates Class

1030-1115am.            Private  Session ( available)

1200-12-45pm          Private Session


08.00-08.45am.       Private class
08.45-09.30am.        Private class

930-1030am              Mat-class intermediate

1030-1115am             Private Class


1-1 private clinical pilates available on request Tues/Thursday/Saturday 

PILATES MAT-WORK CLASSES; (GROUP CLASS 12/14)   This is a unique form of exercise preformed on mat drawing power form the centre (abdominal area) enabling the extensions i.e. arms and legs to more freely. Thus freeing the body from injury and increasing energy along with increased tone. Saturdays 930am intermediate level.

cost €17 per class €150×10 sessions

CLINICAL STUDIO PILATES  CLASSES; (GROUP CLASS OF 3/4 ) This is a  Group Training  class. It differs from a Mat class as  it involves  our studio machines, Cadillac, Reformers, Barrels, Stability Chair, balls & bosu. This is far more intense than a mat class, as you are working with equipment that has resistance in the form of springs which gives super  tone to your body.There are 3 people in each studio class. You will be working on your own piece of equipment working on your own individual programme during each class.  One studio class gives the same effect as 5 mat classes!!!

Cost €300 x10 (3/4 people) €35 per class if coming adhoc

Cost €400 x10 (duet) €45 per class if coming  adhoc


Clinical Pilates is often prescribed for injuries and conditions of pain. Its outcome is to free the body of pain by increasing joint range of motion , enhancing strength and releasing tissue strain. This is done through a series of pilates mat-work and equipment based exercises. Clinical Pilates can help reduce pain from injury or post surgery, enhance mobility, prevent injury, improve daily performance & energy levels. Functional movement equals ease of movement..

Cost €650 x10 ( private) €70 per session 


To enquire about booking an appointment please email info@earlypilates.ie

24 hrs notice required for all class cancellations. Classes will be forfeited if cancelled within 24hours .


There will be no classes on Bank Holidays.