Pilates comes in many different forms. You can perform pilates exercises both on a mat and specially designed equipmet.


This is a unique form of exercise preformed on mat drawing power form the centre (abdominal area) enabling the extensions i.e. arms and legs to more freely. Thus freeing the body from injury and increasing energy along with increased tone.

A regular Pilates routine can benefit the body in more ways than one: Improve posture Lengthen & tone muscles Reduce wear & tear of joints Injury Prevention Stress relief Improve breathing patterns Increase flexibility Enhance co-ordination skills and balance.

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We pride ourselves on small specific classes, allowing us to give expertise training to EACH person in the class. The studio group class is made up of 3/4 people this class allows us to communicate and educate with ALL our members on a personal level. An ideal option if you have any injuries or special needs.

The difference between Mat and Studio class . Is the equipment used in the studio classes has springs and straps to add resistance to all exercises. This increases the impact of the exercise and creates a more intense workout.

The Studio class is especially helpful for first-time Pilates users because the machine supports your movements and body weight throughout while the springs create challenge. In contrast these same springs can challenge the most advanced individual.






In order to join a “studio group session” you must complete a one to one introduction session, where your posture and goals are discussed. From this you will receive a personal training programme which you will then work form during your studio session.

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At Early Pilates we strongly recommend you participate in an introductory private class, before joining a group class. This will give you the fundamental skills needed to perform the series of Pilate’s exercises. A private class allows you to focus on your goals and individual needs. Many people start off with one to one sessions then progress into Studio/reformer/mat group training.

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