Clinical Yoga & Pilates

Basmajian states

…among mammals, man has the most economical of antigravity mechanisms once the upright posture is attained. The expenditure of muscular energy for what seems to be a most awkward position is actually economical

What is Clinical Pilates/Yoga?

Clinical Yoga & Pilates is often prescribed for injuries and conditions of pain. Its outcome is to free the body of pain by increasing joint range of motion , enhancing strength and releasing tissue strain. This is done through a series of pilates mat-work and equipment based exercises. Clinical Yoga &Pilates can help reduce pain from injury or post surgery, enhance mobility, prevent injury, improve daily performance & energy levels. Functional movement equals ease of movement..

Benefits of a Clinical Yoga & Pilates programme

  • Reduce low back & neck pain due to disc bulge
  • Increase mobility & flexibility
  • Reduce symptoms of Chronic fatigue
  • Increase performance levels
  • Educates you how to move your body efficiently
  • Enhance quality of life through ease of movement

Tara has thousands of hours teaching and practicing ease of movement techniques with a wide variety of clients. She has a special interest in whip lash, knee & shoulder injuries using an evidence-based Pilates, Yoga and neuromuscular approach.

Rehabilitation at EARLY PILATES comes in many forms:

  • Pilates for golf
  • Corporate Yoga & Pilates classes
  • Pilates for Breast cancer survivors
  • Physical therapy & Neuro-Muscular Therapy
  • Teacher Training workshops

Tip to release strain across back and shoulders

Instead of rolling your shoulders back,

Gently press your head back to an imaginary wall. Lift you chest , open your collar bones and slide your shoulder blades down your back. Take 10 deep breathes in and out, allowing the body to soften with each breathe.

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